LaRae Brownewell - Yoga & Pilates Instructor
Pose of the Month: Restorative Frog
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  Restorative Frog, a much friendlier pose that its full variation with out the props.  You will want padding under the knees, if you have a bolster and a block these will be useful but you can be creative with props using couch cushions and blanket.  Lay your torso on the bolster so that you pelvis in angling off the end so your butt is not up in the air, your head can then rest on the block or rolled up towels.  Knees are bond out to side to open the inner legs and the ankles are as wide as the knees.  Allow the feet to point to the side.  Try to relax, let gravity draw you into the pose.  Stay for 2-5 minutes.  Want more?  Join us for Restorative YOGA 4/13 4:30.  See workshop page for details.  

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