LaRae Brownewell - Yoga & Pilates Instructor
 "I have had the opportunity to work with LaRae during teaching workshops, and have also been fortunate to have been a student in her yoga classes. Uniquely "LaRae" is her endearing quality that supports students and colleagues unconditionally and without judgment. It is obvious that she puts her heart - with all of its good intentions - into everything she does."  -Danielle
“LaRae has a gift of teaching a mixed level class beautifully, she talks you through each pose with a steady rhythm…you finish feeling fresh, strong and rejuvenated.”  -Gretchen 
" LaRae is a great teacher.  I always feel that her teaching is very informative and exact.  I have great fun and always feel comfortable.  Fabulous!" -Doris
"LaRae is an awesome yoga and pilates instructor. Her sessions are informative with many options for different levels. Great choice of music and a beautiful room."-Jane
"I've been enjoying LaRae’s Yoga class for nearly a year now and I’ve been practicing Yoga for almost 4 years. LaRae is a natural with pure instinct and the knowledge to help others at any level. I’ve never met another instructor so versatile, upbeat, encouraging and helpful and it all comes from her heart. She
has wisdom years beyond her age and I schedule my day around her classes and don’t want to miss one. She has truly changed my Life! " -Daphne

"I started working with LaRae in the Spring of 2010 using the reformer to strengthen my back after a L5/S1 spinal fusion. I had never been taught which "inner core" muscles to strengthen, only that they needed to be strong to support my back. Working with LaRae, I am learning the correct muscles to really get my back strong and most importantly the proper way to strengthen them.   LaRae has helped me through a very hard recuperating period. I have felt stronger and more in charge of my body when I am pushing myself on the reformer. It has definitely made me aware of my body and how each muscle works together with the other. LaRae has a way of pushing you further than you thought you could go - but a sense of accomplishment when you've done it correctly! Because of the reformer, being more aware of my body, muscles, and back - my posture has improved AND I can actually walk practically normal again!" -Kymmie

“I am always working on a daily basis with my body to stay one step ahead of the effects of dealing with "Multiple Sclerosis" and finding LaRae and her Pilates Reformer has proven to be very beneficial.  I have been an avid fan of the Reformer for many years but when I moved to FL in 2006, I figured I could offset with other modalities -- not true.  By 2010 I went searching and am grateful to have found LaRae.  LaRae knows Pilates well and  has an incredible eye, which along with  her tools, the Reformer, mat and other Pilates equipment has begun making subtle adjustments to my body mechanics that are dramatically changing my ability to walk in a more efficient way, and for the first time in along time, in alignment.   The Reformer and accompanying equipment  is also great for building  core muscles and improving one's flexibility, which are important to fitness and injury prevention.  I would definitely recommend LaRae  to anyone at any fitness level."  -Delphine

"I had a herniated disc in my lower back (S1/L5) and had a variety of issues associated with that injury. Because of it, I had spent the previous year in the chiropractor's office, visiting 3-4 times a week for adjustments, and had been instructed by my doctor to be on light duty and exercise. I had been a professional dancer in my spare time and had been told that I would never be able to dance at the same level of intensity and stamina due to this injury. My job is very physical and requires her to kayak, hike, and bike and this injury was also affecting her ability to do these duties.  After working with LaRae for nearly a year, the improvements have been fantastic. I have gained strength and stamina and, due to the increase in core strength, have once again been able to dance. This is a huge improvement and one that I was not anticipating. Most importantly, the core strength I has gained through Pilates has allowed me to be relatively pain free, assisting in healing the injury to my back. Originally I "hated Pilates" but have grown to enjoy it so much that I have expanded my practice to include the regular group fitness classes as well. I look forward to continuing to work with LaRae who has made a huge impact on my life and has provided me with an exercise modality that is fun and gets great results."  ~Melissa


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