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LaRae Brownewell - Yoga & Pilates Instructor
Pose of the Month: Tripod Headstand
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  Back from a wonderful vacation in the mountains of Colorado.  There were requests for a pose on the cliff edge.  Well, that is a little scary.  So here is headstand near the edge.  Had a great view of the mountains upside down.  I think tripod headstand is the easier headstand to learn first.  It is considered the more advanced but I find with the hands forward instead of behind the head you feel more grounded.  To experiment with tripod I suggest going to a wall.  You will want to create a triangle with your head and your hands.  Common mistake is hands to close and in line with the head.  With top of head on the floor try to put your knees on your elbows and balance in this upside down "ball" shape.  If that feels safe you can try to bring your legs up.  Happy practicing!

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